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We analyze our clients’ needs to offer solutions aligned with their investment strategies.

Our vocation is to create and offer real value for our clients.

We proactively identify and search for opportunities.

We analyze real estate asset viability.

We negotiate buy-side.

We carry out due diligence and structure and close the transaction.

We study the viability of real estate assets.

We mange divestment and the process.

With every decision we make and every strategy we use, our objective is to maximize the value and profitability of investments for our clients."



We provide personalized consulting for our investors throughout the lifecycle of real estate assets of all types, including logistics, industrial, offices, retail, and residential.  We look for the right property and maximize its return.

Asset Management

We manage assets personally, proactively, and efficiently, so as to minimize risk and optimize returns. We propose improvement actions and measures to adapt to new regulatory requirements and market standards, thereby creating added value.


We are committed to the sustainability of our assets, analyzing and proposing socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable actions. We are aligned with the European Taxonomy, whose objectives aim to limit global warming and generate sustainable development. We work with renowned certification tools and organizations, such as BREEAM, CRREM, and ACV. This way we can also anticipate new and future regulatory requirements.


Myriam Fréval

Founder and CEO of Athol Asset. Myriam Fréval has over 35 years of experience in real estate investment and the commercial real estate industry.

Eugénie Berthelot

General Secretary

With 20 years of experience in institutional relations positions in an international environment, mainly in the French government, she obtained an MBA from ICN Business School in 2004 and did a master’s in international affairs at ICADE in Madrid from 2015-2016.
She has extensive experience in organizing and managing international projects in different sectors such as telecommunications, transportation, and the service industry.
Prior to joining Athol, she worked at the NGOs Mujeres por África and Plan International España as the Executive Advisor to the organization’s CEO, and for regulatory bodies in the transportation and telecommunications sectors in France, as well as the French Embassy in Spain, as an advisor on those same sectors.
As Corporate Secretary, she performs an important cross-company internal coordination function and plays a key role in ATHOL’s institutional and trade relations.


Jaime Ávila Gómez

Head of Investment

With 10 years of experience in the real estate sector, he has a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and a master’s in real estate business administration from IE.

He has extensive experience in identifying and analyzing investment opportunities, as well as a talent for developing and managing relationships with investors and business partners.

Prior to joining Athol, he worked at companies such as Catella and Forcadell, where he carried out investment and sales transactions. He started his career as an architect at Acciona and JLL-Tétris, and has covered the entire real estate asset lifecycle, from acquisition, to construction, sale, and divestment.

Jaime Ávila Gómez plays an essential role in ATHOL’s growth, generating new opportunities that add value for shareholders.​


Julio Fernández Martín

Head of Property Management & Business Developer

Julio Fernández Martin tiene una trayectoria de más de 30 años en el sector de la construcción, abarcando todas sus etapas, e iniciada en PRECON (Prefabricaciones y Contratas) en calidad de delegado del Levante en obras civiles y edificación.

Posteriormente, asumió el rol de director de ventas en TRABIS, tanto para la división prefabricada como para la constructora asociada. En GSE, empresa de origen francés, desempeñó la función de Business Development Manager durante más de cinco años, liderando el crecimiento de la empresa en España. Durante los últimos años, asumió el cargo de desarrollador de negocio en la empresa franco-española CUBICBEG.

En ATHOL, como Director of Property Management and Bussiness Developer, aporta su conocimiento agudo del mercado nacional y local, así como su experiencia técnica en la construcción y sus capacidades comerciales.

Myriam Fréval​

CEO & Founder

Myriam Fréval has over 35 years of experience in the real estate sector, 13 in France as a managing partner at the European leader Atis Real, now BNP Paribas, and four in Spain as General Manager of the same group. In 2005, she founded Adyton Asset in Spain.
Fréval has positioned herself as a leader in the Spanish logistics real estate sector. Her experience, as well as her profound knowledge of the Spanish and international market, her negotiation skills, and her foresight when assessing the most profitable opportunities, bring her success in acquiring and managing every project she is involved in.
As CEO of ATHOL since 2010, her leadership capacity and constant research into markets and the latest trends have driven ATHOL’s expansion to its current offices in Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, and Washington, D.C.
By staying on top of international trends and rigorously analyzing different markets, she is able to invest at the right time, ensuring a competitive advantage over other players in the sector.